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Collectors Empire gives notice that all works and associated intellectual property on this site are proprietary to Collectors Empire (unless otherwise stated or inferred via our Reference Links, or by nature of the content to be obvious); and all rights conferred by the law of Copyright and by virtue of International Copyright conventions are reserved to Collectors Empire. No part of our web content may be reproduced, resold, leased, copied or passed to any other 3rd party in whole or in part by any means whatsoever without prior express permission in writing from Collectors Empire.

Collectors Empire Fair Use Statement

Fair use: Using copyright material for research or study
Collectors Empire applies fair use principles to the use of 3rd party information; and is guided by various provisions associated with Copyright under the International Berne Convention Switzerland for Literary and Artistic works. Collectors Empire primarily operates under three guiding principles related to fair use of copyright material in the reproduction of text, image, audio and visual content, they are:

  1. Unless otherwise approved, Collectors Empire would only utilise up to 10% of the number of pages of content; or one chapter of content, if the work is divided into chapters.
  2. The Copyright convention deems that it is fair to reproduce an article from a newspaper, magazine or journal issued into the public domain by various means; thus Collectors Empire may as a need arises, present such material on its web site but will try to identify and name the source (if correctly known) to attribute ownership and recognition of such material to the rightful owners. Such identifying information will be listed on the Collectors Empire web site under a link named "References".
  3. Collectors Empire takes the view that any material that it openly receives via the internet and email whether solicited by
    Collectors Empirs or otherwise and does not indicate copyright nor bears some watermark or similar copyright signal may be reproduced in kind and re issued back into the internet and email system by Collectors Empire in a manner not dissimilar to the way it was done by the originating source.

Should we be notified by a 3rd party that content appearing on the website belongs to that 3rd party (and it can be proven), we would investigate immediately and if found to be true, remove the content to satisfy the rightful copyright owner

Collectors Empire Permission to Copy its Material
Collectors Empire is open to requests from other 3rd parties to reproduce certain non commercial content (excluding Resellers); however this would be subject to Collectors Empire giving its permission to an applying 3rd party to use its material on a case by case basis and only in writing. All inquiries in this regard should be addressed to


In accord with its Fair Use principles, Collectors Empire outlines and acknowledges the following list of material sources in alphabetical order:

• Collectors Empire
• Infocular
• Samurai Design