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Dear Customer

The primary method of contact with Collectors Empire is by e-Mail, by completing the email messaging fields below; and selecting your required email category (as listed below).

We get traffic from all over the world and it is impractical for us to handle telephone calls 24/7. The following email options will cater to your specific needs:


Voice Contact

Should you require voice contact, we will arrange a phone call by appointment via email in the first instance.

Our preferred communication method is by Email:  ""

Our preferred contact time frame is from 1000GMT to 1600GMT daily or by pre arranged schedule through initial email contact using " ". Collectors Empire operates in a time zone based on UTC +8hours.

Collectors Empire will respond with instructions and agree a mutual appointment schedule for voice contact. Please understand that we may have to limit voice contact due to time constraints and demand, so it is best that you prepare you questions and detailed information ahead of Skype contact with any email information ready to be sent.

Warm Regards
Team At Collectors Empire

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