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Customer Service


Collectors Empire's policy position with regard to e-commerce and customer relations is stated herein. Three broad areas of concern are identified. They are:

  1. Payment, Data & Security
  2. elivery of Products & Services
  3. Refunds & Returns
These broad policy areas are covered in detail below.
Collectors Empire takes seriously those concerns relating to payments, privacy and security as they relate to commerce generally and e-commerce (that is, commerce over the internet) in particular. Here, this policy statement addresses the following:
Payment & Title Retention
Data Privacy
Data Security
These aspects of e-commerce are covered in detail below.

Order, Payment & Title Retention.
Collectors Empire endeavours to make purchasing its products/services on the internet as convenient and efficient as possible. To this end, we offer the following order & payment optionss.

Orders & Payments. Orders for products/services can be made a number of ways. The order options are:

e-Mail order
Web order
Furthermore, whatever way an order is received by us, that order is not processed and filled until a payment in full is received and verified by us. The payment options are:
International bank cheque
Money transfer direct to Collectors Empires Bank Account
Credit card or EFT via PayPal
It is important not to send cash by mail. Mail services are not our responsibility and are not very secure.

Retention of Title. Right and Title to the product(s) and/or services supplied by Collectors Empire will only pass to the Buyer upon receipt of payment in full of the amount of purchase including any and all associated taxes and charges to Collectors Empire.

Payment/Customer Data Privacy.
Collectors Empire takes customer privacy very seriously and we understand the importance of maintaining the privacy of our customers. Collectors Empire gathers basic personal and financial information; however we do not on sell, trade, or make available any customer information to any 3rd party, except where required by law. Our hosting providers also employ added layers of security and procedures to protect all our and your information from unauthorized access. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Customer/Payment Data Security.
Also, Tamashii takes seriously the security of payment and customer data.

E-commerce, Servers and Data Storage. Your data is securely stored on encrypted servers. Credit card numbers are not recorded on our system. Your data and credit card information resides on the PayPal system and all transactions are processed using 128bit SSL encryption technology. Collectors Empire will retain your basic contact information such as; name, address and contact details for customer support and ongoing customer sale purposes. This information is held secure on our servers and will not be sold or passed on to any 3rd party without your express permission in writing. Collectors Empire's order page encrypts your credit card number prior to transmission over the Internet using secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. This technology works best when the site is viewed using most modern web browsers.

E-commerce, Data Transmission and “Cookies”. Collectors Empire uses the PayPal system for payments made over the internet. The policy for the transmission of information relating to e-commerce is posted on and can be viewed by visiting the PayPal website,

A “Cookie” is a small harmless file stored on your computer, which gives you a numeric user ID and stores basic information. Collectors Empire use cookies to inform us that you are an existing or prior customer and to provide certain features to you, but we do not store any personal information (other than the information that is essential to provide predictions, readings and other services) or financial information about you using cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can also instruct your browser to prevent the use of cookies. However, if you disable this feature, certain aspects of may not function properly.

Once payment is received from a customer for one or more products/services, Collectors Empire endeavours to deliver them as quickly as possible. Our policy position on product/service delivery covers the following areas:

Processing & Handling Orders
Export Restrictions

These aspects of the delivery of products/services are outlined below.

Processing & Handling Orders.
Collectors Empire endeavours to handle all orders in a timely manner and not inconvenience its customers. Our policy position on order processing and export restrictions are outlined below.

Order/s that can be Processed and Filled. Usually, an order begins to be processed and filled usually within 24-48 hour time-frame.

Order/s that Cannot Be Processed and Filled. Occasionally, an order begins to be processed but cannot be filled within the 24-48 hour time frame. Examples of conditions that can cause this to occur include:

Payment not received.
Inventory is temporarily out-of-stock.
Server is down.
Difficulties relating to payment or communication gateways.
A Force Majeure situation.

These conditions are not common but can occur occasionally; and some of them are beyond the control of Collectors Empire. Such conditions impede the processing and filling of orders. If Collectors Empire cannot fill an order for any reason, we will notify you within 48 hours by email and ask how you would like to proceed. Collectors Empire will credit back all payments received from your credit card for any order that cannot be filled.

Export Restrictions.
Collectors Empire does not apply any Export restrictions; and to its knowledge there are no restrictions applied to the export sales of Collectors Empire's products and services worldwide.

Once your order is received by Collectors Empire, we will process the order and arrange to have it shipped by an accredited Freight Company to the address indicated in the order. Collectors Empire will be bound by the Freight Company's International and Domestic terms and conditions of transport including time frames.
Collectors Empire will endeavour to ship the goods within two (2) business days of receipt of your payment. Business days are Monday to Friday (9am-5pm) excluding public holidays in Australia. You will be advised by email within two (2) days of any delays or if a backorder exists.

A commercial invoice will be enclosed with every shipment but we also recommend that you retain a copy of the PayPal email, and/or the verification page as a temporary receipt as evidence of purchase and for any inquiry purposes prior to delivery.

International shipments may incur added taxes and/or duties upon arrival into the country of destination. The amount charged will depend on the destination of the shipment. As the customer, you are responsible for the payment of any local taxes and duties that are applied by customs.

There may be times when a customer decides that a product/service is unsuitable for their purposes or simply changes their mind. Here, we address our policy positions on:

Refund of Payments
Return of Goods
These aspects of product/service delivery are outlined below.
Refund of Payments.
Collectors Empire will supply you, our customer, with a full refund or exchange if the goods you receive are faulty or do not function in the way it is intended. All refunds are subject to notification to Collectors Empire in writing within 5 business days of receipt of the goods. If the refund is approved, it will be made directly to your nominated Credit Card account.
A refund will not be issued in the following circumstances:
  1. Where no proof of purchase is offered or the proof offered is questionable or not verifiable.
  2. The customer simply changes their mind.
  3. The customer finds similar goods cheaper elsewhere.
  4. The goods were damaged after the purchase, unless the damage is a result of the normal, recommended use of the goods.

Return of Goods.
Simply email Collectors Empire to obtain a Return Authorization Code; it is essential that you provide full details of your original order i.e.: order ID, order date, your name, your email address, your mailing address; and a brief but clear statement outlining the problem with the product.

Packing and Sending Your Return. Depending on the product, pack the item in a padded post bag or a “computer disk/photo mailer” pack, marked with our return address. All damaged goods remain your responsibility unless receipt was declined by you due to damage in transit. The cost of postage and/or freight is for the account of the buyer. We do not accept COD delivery for returns.

Documents. You must include the original shipping document that you received with your original order. This will aid us to speed up the refund/return process. In addition you must send back the purchased goods – please contact us by email to be provided the return shipping address.

Warm Regards to All
Collectors Empire

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